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M I S S I O N:

...to take an active role in the dialogue for peace, freedom, and human rights. ...to participate in developing nonviolent direct action initiatives, in which everyday attire becomes a conversation for social justice. Although we appreciate experimental nonconformist garb (and also produce that), our focus is in making subtle graphics on t-shirts. The main objective is the message... ...anti corporate corruption, antiwar, pro worker's rights, free speech, consumer protection, sustainable clean energy, etc...

I N C E P T I O N:
[ and   |kənˈsep sh ən| ]

uResist is an experiment that has developed out of the growing global resistance movements. We aim to express an opinion of the people, resistant to power, outside of a corporate media bias.

As the global elite (the 1%) impose their effect upon the populace, via the IMF, World Bank, WTO, and corporate media networks, global grassroots resistance movements have been growing, even before Occupy, before the Arab Spring, and the crash on Wall Street in 2008. Communities and individuals, non-profits, unions, ethical small businesses, and independent media have joined together to voice concerns, educate, and explore sustainable possibilities. Activism is on the rise, and has been, since the worldwide protests preceding the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq, and the highly contested 2000 election, and before. uResist in 2011, has also joined together with the Occupy Movement (the 99% / the fastest growing grassroots social justice movement since the 1960's), to fight for a more just world.

A B O U T:

U:RESIST® (founded in 2007), is an organization and experiment, that began with the idea of creating non-corporate logos. ◕ http://uResist.com/design. uResist aligns itself with democratic socialism and the Occupy Movement: worker rights, consumer rights, human rights, economic justice, democracy, climate justice, peace, equality, solidarity, decent work for all, and a free and open internet. The meaning or message of our designs are sometimes straightforward and sometimes abstract, combining art, critical ideas, and everyday attire. uResist was founded by the artist/designer Kurt Riebel.

We are artists and activists, trying to make a statement, and a living by using our talents for social and environmental justice. We create and sell products, items, and clothing that exhibit printed art, design, graphic logos, and information (messages, questions, and slogans) inspired or driven by the important political issues of our time.

U:RESIST uses a variety of fabrics, materials, production, and printing techniques, but most items are printed on 100% cotton, using a technique called plot printing (flock & flex). Our online store offers activist's wear and apparel, including t-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, organic cotton clothing, jackets, messenger bags, totes, camisole tops, outerwear, underwear, skirts, dresses, shorts, pants, track wear, shoes, sneakers, vests, pullovers, hats, gloves, buttons, mugs, men's, women's, kid's, children's apparel, baby clothes, and accessories.

Above all, we aim to promote positive political and social change.

Often, the first question people ask is...
What does uResist resist?

We resist:

  • corporate tyranny
  • profits over people
  • corporate media propaganda
  • private control over public resources
  • environmental degradation
  • corporate welfare
  • the 1% rule
  • ...any abuse of power

Our policy of promoting change:

We believe that those in power, at the top of the corporate hierarchy, with all the advantages and resources, have little or no excuse, and should be subject to harsher criticism than small businesses and individuals in the middle / lower income brackets, who are more victims than culprits of a corrupt system.

We believe that change will occur more quickly and effectively with an attempt to encourage positive efforts rather than overly criticizing the ill-informed. For instance, rather than attacking people who feel they have to shop at Walmart, encourage them to join a movement towards making unethical business practices illegal. Of course, redirecting people to better alternatives is certainly a good idea, but it is also certain that small businesses and ethical businesses will not be able to compete until unethical business practices are made illegal. These concerns will not be fully addressed until the public takes back the airwaves. Corporate media networks have taken over our public airwaves, so that we are constantly being informed by the private interests of the wealthiest 1%. Without an informed citizenry our liberties are at stake. One very good source of non-corporate news is DemocracyNow!.

In order to resist corporate rule, we will most likely have to do it through the democratic process. Voting with your dollars can be effective sometimes, but it's not very democratic, as rich people have more votes. That is why we believe that the most important action uResist can make right now is through promoting awareness.

So make your resistance part of your everyday life.

We believe that our slogan "WEAR YOUR RESISTANCE" is much more than just a business catchphrase, that the meaning behind it is truly important and possibly vital to democracy and freedom. When you make a choice between free advertizing for corporate rule or making your political stance a part of your everyday life, this is no insignificant matter. The choice between wearing a big business corporate logo or a conversation piece for restoring our liberties can be vital to the direction of society. Billions of dollars are spent on advertising and subtle reminders to buy products. Big business knows how important advertising is, so let us use this same philosophy of using subtle or bold reminders on our clothing, on our bodies to promote peace and social justice, to resist corporate rule and restore a working democracy.

Vive la résistance!


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